Steam ON! 1

Steam ON!

Steam ON! is a street theater act performed by jugglers and acrobats.

The scene plays in the world of steampunk, a fictional age where steam power is still widely used - like the Victorian era in Britain - that incorporates elements of both science fiction and fantasy. The three weird outlaw characters are running away from the law driving their marvelous steam-powered velocipede. The complication starts when their vehicle unexpectedly brakes down. Are they skillful enough to repair it in time?

The repairing of the velocipede builds up of different scenes involving juggling, acrobatics and clownery. An interactive parade with music can also be part of the show, where the audience can make pictures together with the performers. The length of the streetshow is about 45 minutes. The show needs a flat performing space of 6×6 meters, the sound system is provided by us.

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