Firebirds Juggling group was established in 2000. Almost everyone in Hungary has either heard their name or marvelled at their performance. This is due to their numerous appearances on TV and their national and international tours. The latter happened primarily in European countries, but they also performed in the United States of America, India, and in the Near-East. The performance with the largest number of spectators happened in the Republic South-Africa: the gala of the world championship of cricket, viewed live by 40 million.

Their main profile is fire shows, where acrobatics and fire dance are combined with innovative elements and spectacular effects in a unique way. In addition, the repertoire involves classic jester street performances, children’s playhouses and different contemporary juggling and acrobatics acts.

The group contributes to the work of some great theatre companies as jugglers, acrobats and cascadeurs. At present, they perform in Romeo and Juliet at the Operett Theatre in Budapest.

Requirements towards the scene these days are beyond a classical circus show. Being aware of this, Firebirds contribute to new circus and circus-theatre pieces and stage some fire theatre performances of their own.

Firebirds strive to constantly improve their skills and creativity. They take part in numerous international juggling conventions and courses as invited tutors. These events are great for exchanging experience and improvement.

Since their establishment, they had more than 2000 performances across the world. Their work aims for a harmonious balance of technique, visuals and artistic self-expression.